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March 05, 2010


My Spike was Hyperthyroid at age 13. We put him through the iodine treatment and it worked. Expensive treatment, but worth every penny. It cured the problem. He was a bit sluggish after the 1st week we had him home after treatment, but he rebounded and was his old self after that. We had to use flushable litter because the radioactive material is eliminated through the urine. If you put it in the garbage pick up the county gets upset because the alarms go off at the dump processing area and the authorities get in volved. Good Luck

Hey, it's great to know it's a curable thing, but flushing the litter is kind of scary. I mean, with four cats, that's 25 lbs of it a week! I'm sure our vet would tell us about it. I hope we don't have to put Bonnie through it, but if it would save her--we would.

My last cat Sashi was on topical thyroid meds for 3 years...that cream is an absolute god-send!!! We have a compounding facility locally and they do many pet meds that way! They can even put flavor in meds for pets and kids!

when we have to dose the ferral cats with worm tablets we put it in a piece of liver paté, they think they are getting a big treat.

Melissa, I'm so happy to hear your Sashi had good results with the topical cream. I'm crossing my fingers our Bonnie will have the same luck.

Mich, I don't think your feral cats are as picky as our brood.

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