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May 20, 2010


What's bugging me today? My 19 year old daughter came home in tears last night. Teenagers and young adults seem to find power in meaness, a middle school mentality, which makes me wonder about our society. Do we perceive our own powerlessness and so act out to have impact even if it is negative? Think of road rage that has become so commonplace and deadly. Guess this is post could go on and on as to the psychology. I wish people would stand up and reject meaness. My daughter is strong and I encourage her to drop mean people from her life, but what a drag! With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Oops. I just realized I should have said "prefix" not "suffix." My other pet peeve; brain hiccups!

When people say, "Know what I mean?" every two seconds.

IMNSHO, it's OK to use IMHO. I think. But then, I'm often on the fence.

Really, though, I know what you mean, Jeri, but I still think it's good to soften our words sometimes.

E.B., there was a report on TV last night about meanness and bullying and the consensus was that adult women are as bad or worse than the teens! Especially online. Yuck.

It's not about softening our words, Kaye. It's about using the language properly. We know it's your opinion unless you are citing some other source. There's no need to say it again.

Hi Jeri. Nothing in particular is bugging me today, well except my messy house, and that's my fault. What doesn't bug me is Crispin Guest. I just adore his character. I've read both Veil of Lies and Serpent Among the Thorns and loved them. Delightful writing and a delightful character. I actually list you as one of my favorite writers. As a writer, I envy your talent for describing settings. You describe them so well I feel like I'm there, and I don't usually even like setting. Keep up the good work. Now, back to my messy house.

Thank you, Anita! You've made my day. And Crispin's. :)

Yes, Jeri, as a former English teacher and a professional writer I worry a lot about the degredation of our wonderful English language. Thanks for speaking out and best wishes on your tour. I'll try to follow you.

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