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June 04, 2010


I'm too new to have any favorites, but I am open to reading something new, and willing to write about it, so if you'd like to send an extra ARC, I'll do my best.

My favorite is Frannie Mae Armstrong, who has gone from receptionist at the chamber of commerce to working for Angelica at her The Cookery. I believe she's my favorite because she is so fun. I love the Hawaiin shirts and the always positive attitude. She's one of those secondary characters you never forget and hope nothing bad will happen to them.

I've submitted my favorite to you Lorraine. I love your contest and hope that I will eventually be the happy owner of one of your advanced copies of Chapter & Hearse. My favorite character is Russ. I've put the reason why in my email to you....it's a mystery waiting to be solved by Tricia.

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