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July 15, 2010


I'm with you 100%. Let's add drivers who turn into the wrong lanes, too. I bet it the street had 5 lanes, they'd go directly to lane #5, do not pass go, etc. However, it's too hot to even drive so I think I'll stay put and avoid all those snarky drivers. Oops, I guess I could be one of them.

OMIGOD MJ -- that's one of my biggest pet peeves too!!! And driving around a city like Los Angeles, you've got to know that I come across this 99% of the time. But even worse - what about cyclists that are all over the road, listening to their ipod as they cycle. Not sure how it is in Canada - but in the UK you have to pass a cycling test. Here ... anything goes. And that's the same for that little thingy on the steering wheel ....

Erika - I have seen that too. Five lane's but let's use the fast lane to go slow! Arghh. But you are the best driver I know! You could teach the cops - maybe you have!

Hannah - I share your peevery. No cycling tests here, but a lot of them drive on the sidewalk (!) and I have only ever seen one stop for a stop sign. Must say something else in cyclese.

Thanks for having me today, Lorna! I loved being here.


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