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September 14, 2010


cool, I don't want one yet until my huge TBR pile is gone. I just love the feel and smell of a new book. I think you need to think back and decide what is your favorite book of all time. The one you always wanted to read again, but just haven't had the time and download that one first. Then it will always be there waiting for you to read a little(like when waiting for an appointment) at a time or the whole thing at once like when you're snowed in for a day. After that I would keep adding old favorites. The new books right now all have such beautiful covers and look so pretty on book shelves, but the old ones that need to be treasured are the ones I would keep on my kindle.

Can you backup stuff on a KINDLE? What is it breaks do you lose all your books? Just wondering...I haven't done a lot of research yet.


Love mine. Have a mixture of old favorites (complete Sherlock Holmes) and new-to-me authors. I still read lots of paper books but having the Kindle along at Dr.'s offices or other places while waiting, and waiting, and waiting is a good thing.

I have a Nook and I love it. I still have my library of paperback books that I read, but a lot of the new books I want, I buy for my Nook. I have found I read more this way, I take my Nook with me everywhere and I read my paperbacks at home!

take yourself over to Inkmesh.com...they are a treasure trove of freebie reads!!! Enjoy your lovely gift!!

Nancy, as an author struggling to make a living at this writing gig, I just can't bring myself to download a "free" book. Authors deserve to be PAID for their work. Okay, Dickens is dead, he wouldn't benefit if I downloaded A Tale of Two Cities, I get that. But he wasn't paid what he was worth during his life, either.

If the day comes when readers demand only free content, then authors will be working for nothing. I know I can't pay my health insurance without getting paid for my work, and I don't know anyone else who can, either.

Sorry. I will now jump down from my soapbox.

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