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September 16, 2010


What a great story, Susan. I have been a big fan of the China Bayles series for a long time, but clearly am going to have to catch up with your Cottage Tales books!

We were on vacation at a quiet pond in Maine last summer with adult family. You know, kayaking, swimming, drinking, talking, eating in the quiet of the far northeast. So the guy at the adjacent cabin, that shared the driveway in from the road, chose that week to put in a new septic system. Yikes. Big noisy machines, trucks dumping gravel, the works. Wish we could have blown him into the lake!

Edith Maxwell
http://edithmaxwell.blogspot.com/ (with hopes of joining you and Lorraine in the 'published mystery fiction' ranks sometime soon...)

Oh, too bad, Edith! Reminds me of going to a remote corner of Ontario, nice cool week in a quiet cottage--first morning, power mower under the window. Second morning, air compresser, powering a painting operation. And so on. We have a much quieter place here in the TX Hill Country!

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