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October 25, 2010


I sat one day with him painting dogs, he said the painting bit irritated him, so did I fancy helping out. As my reward I have two hunting dogs, and he also gave me a brown pooch. Will never part with them, especially as he wrote "for Michele" on each one.

In the early days, he actually had Mr. Lorraine paint a few of them, but Dad got a LOT better at painting the carvings with more practice (his bird carvings are really well done). A friend suggested I look at some hound web sites to see how real dogs look as I don't have any instructions. Something else on my to-do list!

we have a black and white hound in the village, she hates everyone but us, maybe it is the treats we give her. She looks just like those on my shelf.

I dunno. You and the Mr. have a gift with unfriendly (and all) animals. It's more than just the treats you give her, of that I'm sure.

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