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November 18, 2010


I love my e-books as much as my print books. I have the 'dinosaur' e-reader, purchased long before Kindle was a twinkle in Amazon's eye. As a matter of fact, I blogged about this very topic at my own blog, Terry's Place, yesterday. Pop over for my thoughts (and scroll down).

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

I have just purchased a Sony Ereader. I am from Australia. The first book I downloaded from the Sony Store was Murder on the Mind and Cold Case. I am reading Bookplate Special at the moment and next will be Chapter and Hearse. I am hoping that Dead in Red will become available to download. I love reading your books and I love my new Ereader as it allows me to read the books I want without having to buy them from America and have them posted to Australia.


I recently bought a Nook (the e-ink version, not the backlit color version) and I really, really love it! As you mentioned, the instant gratification is a big thing, as well as the non-juggle-factor. I also still love paper books, just for different things - for example, the ease of flipping back a few pages to check some detail that has gone fuzzy, and seems important to the current plot point. That's a lot harder on an e-reader.

My husband, though, is resistant, so any books that we both might like have to be bought in the dead-tree version. But books that are just for me? It'll be an e-book, because, for me, the advantages of e-reading outweigh the advantages of print-book reading.

Besides, I can't find even another square foot to store a physical book. We've got bookshelves in every room, in every place they will fit, and they're all full. And there just aren't any more places to put a new bookcase.

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