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November 12, 2010


Well, no. I enjoy the Booktown series and own all of them, but I severely limit my hardcover purchases.
I, too, fume over ebook pricing. Since I bought a Nook earlier this year, more than half of my reading is ebooks. But I refuse to purchase an ebook that costs more than the paperback. And my anger tends to spill over to purchasing the paperback itself.
It's a quandry, so much so that I've taken to reserving books at the library instead of purchasing them. That's really not doing the authors much good. It also may not make a whole lot of sense, but emotions rarely do.

Whatever you do, Elise, PLEASE do NOT blame the author for the price of ebooks set by our publishers. We have no control over it. They say they have to recoup costs--but those costs should have been recouped by the print versions. It does cost, in terms of time, to get a good ready for uploading to the various e outlets. (I know. I've put a number of my items up for sale.) But not as much as publishers are charging for e books. Author J.A. Konrath has virtually left traditionally publishing over this issue (and is making a helluva lot more than me on his e books than I'm making on my print books).

But, we're bound by our contracts and have no say. Things will have to change in the future.

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