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January 04, 2011


I get about 90% of my books from Amazon for my ipad and the rest are either won or the library. I hope you do get some new readers from the catalog.

I buy most of my book from Amazon, if I am in the neighborhood where my favorite little bookstore is "one for the books," I buy there. They are a used and new book store, they trade. If I am unsure of an author this is where I go, I don't want to buy a book, new unless recommended to me, this way if I purchase a trade book, then if I don't like it, I'm not out the money. I take pride in the books I have and their condition. Once a book enters my home, there it stays, until I'm gone. I am an avid bookreader and have a little more then handful of my favorites. What is good to know is that my favorites are in his book store "but only new," I have yet to see a used book from any of my favorites.

Amazon. No bookstores closer than an hour away. Interesting blog, I'll have to check out the Edward Hamilton catalog. And Congrats!--I think you've made it!


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