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January 17, 2011


Well, I'd be interested if I hadn't already bought them in dead-tree version. I bought Cheated by Death at Smashwords (for my Nook), and I'm looking forward to the fourth!

Question though, any chance you'll publish the fourth with Barnes & Noble's PubIt as well as Kindle? Makes buying it easier, for me. Not a huge concern, Smashwords worked fine, but the things I buy there don't go in my main collection of books, they go in my "sideloaded" library. It's inconvenient to have to switch between two different libraries on my Nook to find the books I haven't read yet.

I do like to do my reading from a book, and would look for it. I don't have an e-reader and probably won't for quite a while. Frankly, I've noticed that while the price of the readers have come down, a lot of the electronic book prices have gone up.

Karen, I'll definitely upload the 4th Jeff book to Pubit (Nook), and Cheated by Death is there, too. But it would be nice if B&N would fix their reporting to publishers/authors. I have no idea what my sales are, and when or if they will ever pay me. They have glitches. Seems like they should have solved them four months into the experiment. Of course, I understand that they are overwhelmed, but really--would it hurt to tell the authors what they've sold?

Betty, unfortunately authors have no input on what price traditional publishers put on e books. You'll see that most ebooks that authors have the reverted rights to are set at the $2.99-$3.99 price. That's because Amazon and Barnes and Noble are giving them a 65-70% royalty in the US. It's a win-win situation. Big publishers do need to recoup costs, but they do that with print books. The E books should be lower in cost ... but then that will probably flip-flop in the future. My NY publisher pays me 25% royalty on e books vs. self-publishing at the coveted 70%. But the thing is, I can't make the same kind of money on an e book (even with a higher royalty) than I can with a traditional publisher. That may change in the future.

For now ... it's just totally confusing, isn't it?

Ah, well maybe I'll buy the Smashwords version then - at least then I know you'll get paid! (When I bought CHEATED, PubIt hadn't started yet, so B&N wasn't an option.) It's like my old saying about buying new instead of used - "I need authors to get paid, so that they keep writing, because I need stuff to read!"

Karen, thank you for understanding that authors NEED to get paid to keep writing. So many people think that downloading a book from a free site is wonderful--they don't think about or care that those files are stolen and we don't get paid anything for them. Authors AND Publishers need to make money in order to keep the flow of good books coming.

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