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May 23, 2011


A bit late now, but is it possible to consolidate Lorraine and LL?

For about eight years, they were consolidated, but then I split them as soon as I signed the Victoria Square contract. Lorraine writes cozies. L.L. Bartlett writes psychological suspense--two different animals. But I did want people to know the author was the same, so it says so on each site.

You might consider a pop-up on each website with an embedded link so people can just click on it and visit your other sites. That way, they are alerted about the other sites as soon as they access one and have an opportunity to visit immediately. A thought.... :)

I come to your Lorraine Bartlett site because I have a postcard with that name on it. I don't have one for L. L. Bartlett, so I lack the reminder. Do you send out postcards for L. L. Bartlett?

Sweepstakes draw lots of visitors, also.

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