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May 25, 2011


If there were just a way to plant potatoes (or anything for that matter) on a level that's higher than the ground, the task would be so much easier and back pain-free. Yeah, I also think that the discomfort was due to your body juggling the potatoes and the phone. Lying down on a good bed might help ease things, but I guess you also have to strengthen your muscles around your core.

I am temporarily living in the UK for 3-4 years, and I too planted potatoes last month. This was my first time. I also planted tomatoes, peas, green onions, and ornamental gourds. The gourds I hope to dry and paint as bird houses and sell at the local Christmas Market. I really enjoyed reading your books. I've read all the Booktown and Jeff Resnick Mysteries on my Kindle. I also enjoyed a Crafty Killing. We are in Cornwall because of my husband's work. I cannot work here because of the visa issue so I am doing a lot of gardening & reading.

Norma, you're living my dream of ... living in England. (My parents were originally from Portsmouth.)

I'm so glad to hear you've enjoyed my books. Thank you! And good luck with your potatoes. (So far no sign mine are growing. I'm getting worried.)

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