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June 14, 2011


No, you're not.

I, too, maintain a land line. In fact, I've told people they're better off calling the land line than my cell because I'll hear it and see the message light blinking on my answering machine much faster than I'll notice that little phone in my purse which is usually in a desk drawer or another room.

My favorite is the AT&T/Lucent Technologies phone on my desk. It's solid, it sounds good, and, like you said, I can rest the receiver on my shoulder should I need to type something at the same time.

If the call goes on for a long time, I can put it on speaker and mute so I can hear what's going on during a conference call and continue to do something productive at the same time.

It has heft. It feels like it won't break into pieces if it tumbles off my shoulder.

You made me wonder what I'd do should my favorite phone break some day. (I have two cats after all.) How does this one work for you? http://tinyurl.com/67thqsd

Whoa! That's a pretty cool phone. Me thinks the credit card will be getting another work-out today. Thanks, Elise.

I just bought this one... Can't wait to see it!!! http://www.homeclick.com/crosley-radio-cr93-the-sultan-phone-in-cherry/p-385764.aspx

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