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July 12, 2011


Amazing peak into the process!

It's so hard to keep track of everything. I feel your pain.

Have you ever tried Scrivener?

I'm not sure what your timeline looks like, but in Scrivener you set up virtual index cards to lay out your novel. These index cards are linked to an outline view of the scenes you write. If you decide a scene is in the wrong place, you just drag the index card to the right place. The text moves behind the scenes.

Missing a scene? No problem. Just click and add another index card (or you can do it in the folder view) and drag it to the right place. Open up a fresh page in Scrivener and start typing.

Find that a scene doesn't belong? Just delete the index card. (It doesn't really go away, just out of the flow of the main story. You can retrieve it if you want it back.)

You can have subfolders, so it's possible to have chapters and multiple scenes within a chapter.

At any point you can export the Scrivener file to an RTF. (I forget whether the latest version exports directly to DOC format or not.)

I get into terrible trouble with copy and paste, so moving scenes around in Word was always a nightmare.

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