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July 18, 2011


When we moved into our house here, there were three feral cats which the previous owner asked if we would feed. They were all pregnant, so we managed to catch them and take them to a sympathetic vet who neutered them. We brought them home. They remained feral. Then another feral arrived with her 9 kittens, we managed to catch this lot over the space of two months, out of the nine there were 3 boys and 6 girls, the vet did us a deal and neutered them at reduced rates. Laying in bed one night my other half worked out that if they had bred and produced kittens on the same percentage of male and female, in two years there would be 2,000 cats. One of the original 3 is now a house cat, thoroughly spoiled and domesticated. The others? They are still here, including mum, semi feral, that is they know where they are going to get fed, some are affectionate, some wary, but at least they can´t breed.

Does NY have a trap, neuter 7 release program or the city have local program?

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