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December 13, 2011


I don't care how you put them together as long as you keep writing your wonderful stories; short, novel length, whatever! An anthology? Yeah, that would be great for the rest of us but I'd be hard-pressed to wait "years." Ha! I know what you mean though. I'm a short story writer and people don't realize just how difficult it is to get all you need in such a limited word-length formula. Love you and all you write! Keep up the GREAT work. Oh, and tell Ellery I'm ordering her latest on my Kindle today if I can.

I have asked Santa for a Kindle so that I can read these stories easily. I love your stories and seriously can't get enough. Uncle Albert sounds fascinating. You know I adore Jeff Resnick. I still can't believe the world hasn't woken up to him. One day, I have faith! Ellery's book was fabulous and I was tickled to death so was hubby.

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