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January 30, 2012


I use them and they work at separating clothes. I don't know that they cut back on static electricity, but they do separate the clothes. I have two sets (well, I HAD two sets) one set was soft and squishy and I didn't like those. I think I got them at the grocery store. The other set was a harder plastic (noisier) and seemed to work better. My dog ate one of the squishy ones and two others ended up in sock heaven or wherever stuff from the washer/dryer goes.
But, the stiffer single ball works fine.

I use the Bounce thing that hooks inside the dryer and lasts for several months. I love it! Haven't tried the balls......

I used to use them, and they really did nothing. However, I heard that they can shorten the life of your clothes. So, recently I have been using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Dryer Sheets, which contain a vegetable-derived softening agent and natural essential oils on a new biodegradable paper sheet. They are fantastic!!!

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