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March 29, 2012


Very nice blog, Jeff. And I'm glad you mentioned that Snooki doesn't come from NJ! (thank god another state can claim her!)

Fact is, out of the entire Jersey Shore cast, I believe there is one native jerseyan, and no, I have no idea which one, but it ain't Snooki.

THANK YOU!!!! Well said, Jeff!! Also perhaps people don't know that New Jersey is an animal friendly state - very high grades in animal rights!! One can tell how civilized a group of people are by how they treat their animals and we, New Jersey-ans are highly civilized. From our beautiful beaches to our sprawling farmlands, from urban to rural - brains, beauty, talent - NJ has it all and I am proud to call this lovely state my home *cue brass band*

Wow, certainly makes me want to visit! I don't know much about New Jersey but I find that there always tend to be nice places and not-so-nice places everywhere you go. Good for you for sticking up for New Jersey!

Cindy Smith

What a great blog. I think you've done more for the reputation of New Jersey than any other person or thing. I know when I hear something on the news I automatically think of you and how much more enlightened I am about your state since I've been reading your writing. Maybe it's keeping "undesirables" out of your state.

That's flattering, Mare, and I'm touched. But it's possible Mr. Springsteen has done a bit more. Just a bit.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and we never ever called it Joisey. It was always "fuckin Joisey". Forgive my french.

And we always called Brooklyn "You mean there's another borough outside Manhattan?".

Great blog, Jeff. Thanks for sticking up for our state. I've lived her all my life, I'm older than you, and I love it here. My kids love it here also. All were educated here. One went to D.C. for graduate school, but they all ended up living here--one near us, one 45 minutes north and one 45 minutes south.

I love writing about our state and all there is to do here.

I live in one of those "F" states and can state with conviction that yes, they are secretive, refuse to acknowledge Sunshine Laws and hide as much behind closed doors as possible. It is embarrassing and I hate that part of living here. The weather, the scenery, the smaller population? Those I like just fine.

Hi Jeff-
great post! Oh so true. We lived there for 12 years before moving to Arizona and I got so tired of the Jersey jokes from people who didn't live there.
I began writing in NJ and still have lots of friends there.Many of them we are still in touch with(Hi Pat Marinelli) financially and health wise we had to move or we'd still be there.

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