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April 19, 2012


Those are very cute desks. You'd have to check my FB page to see mine. It's buried under a printer, 22" monitor, kbd, speakers and all my papers. Yet I still manage to wring out a few chosen thoughts for a review, and to do the bookkeeping. It was my partner's desk from the first incarnation of her company. She took it home with her when they moved and got new stuff. I've had it over 20 years.

I like both of them, but really favor the top desk. I have a homemade desk I got from someone on Craig's List for $15 and I love it. It's an old school/clerk style with shelves on the side for my craft books. It wouldn't work so well for a laptop, though, because of the slanted front. Don't stress over this, you know that the right desk will find you!

I had a huge, beautiful desk with an inlaid leather top. I found it at a garage sale and bought it for the incredibly low price of twenty dollars. I put massive amounts of elbow grease and a small bucket of wood fill into restoring it. I ended up giving it to my daughter. So now I have a cute faux marble topped desk with matching storage chest, both from Office Max. Very inexpensive, but lovely. I later bought a matching short filing cabinet which I use for a nightstand, since my office shares space with my bedroom. At the time I bought it, assembling the pieces was a major headache for my husband and me. All's well now. Now I would like a new bookcase, but secondhand is good. Salvation Army, maybe?

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