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May 17, 2012


I've never done Tai Chi - once thought of trying, but didn't act on it. So, hurray for you! I'll be interested in knowing how you do.

Just thinking of having guests stresses me out. Cleaning, cooking, ack!

No, I don't do Tai Chi but I've learned to find other ways to deal with stress.
For one thing, vitamin B100 stress tabs can really help to calm the nerves and restore the body and mind. Also, deep breaths - in through the nose to the count of 3, out through the mouth counting to 6. I also work hard to try to remember to ask myself this question when something has me stressed: How important is this? In other words, in the scheme of things, is it worth my going wacko?

Thanks, Patricia. I'm going to try it. And I'm going to print your that question and hang int on my monitor. (Gee, I feel better already!)

Yes, I've tried it. Unfortunately I tried to learn while at the height of my hot flashes. I had water running down my face and I felt creepy which did NOT lead to a calm peaceful attitude. Unfortunately I took a class and was IN PUBLIC when this happened rather than following a DVD. :-}

I hope you feel better and perhaps my story brought a smile to your face.

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