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June 05, 2012


Dear Lorraine,
I enjoyed your "The Walled Flower" tremendously, but I have a question for you..
You tied up all the loose ends but one... what happened to little Hannah? Such an adorable child, but apparently grandma Polly was her caregiver, (albeit a nasty one), and now that Polly is dead, where is Hannah?
I do some mystery writing as well.. (I have a blog where I do mine) and inquiring minds want to know... what happened to Hannah? Thanks ever so much.

Hannah's parents had to find a new babysitter.

If you'll recall, Katie had threatened to tell Hannah's parents if Polly ever left her unattended in Artisans Alley again. Since Polly was dead, it wasn't necessary for her to do anything else. They would be forced to find new (and better) childcare for their daughter anyway, and Katie isn't the type to badmouth a dead person--even if she might have deserved it.

Ah, thank you so very much for the quick answer. I'm so glad they had to find a new sitter, aren't you?? :)
Ruby Young

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