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June 19, 2012


I'm just recently discovering the reason for reviewing books on amazon, B&N, etc. I've used to review everything I read on my diary page and Shelfari, but slacked off when I didn't get any feedback. I'm trying to be better about this.

Nancy, I'm not certain where the Shelfari reviews end up. I know that WorldCat (for libraries) uses Goodreads reviews, but for real powerhouse sales, authors need to be reviewed on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com. Anything else is gravy, but the real meat ends up being those two sites.

I hope you'll continue to share your reviews. Get your name out there. Maybe you'll end up one of their top reviewers!

Oh, Lorraine - you're so right. I wish readers knew how much it warms our hearts when we read a good review of our books. And how much those one-star "I couldn't read past the third page" reviews crush us (the really nasty, personal reviews sometimes keep me from writing for days!). If readers have valid gripes about a book they've read, it's a good idea to contact the author. My readers have caught errors and mentioned strong preferences regarding language... all sorts of stuff that has helped me write better books.

Can I add one more guideline? If readers review books, please, please, please don't give away who the bad guy is. I know that Amazon readers love to read reviews, and when the suspense is spoiled - that hurts.

Great point, Julie. I'll add that to the body so that those who don't read the comments will see it. Thanks!

I never thought about reviewing a book before. I have told people about books I like, especially series, because then there is more to enjoy! I will keep this in mind from now on. By the way, I am about to start Murder on the Half Shelf.

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