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July 05, 2012


Thinking I need to go get number 5 for my iPod now. I actually forgot these are on audible.

Wow! This article was definitely not written with me in mind. To begin with I would much rather read from a hardback book than a paperback book.
Secondly-I did not even know the booktown series was on audio. I love books on cd and listen to them at night and when driving. Now I will definitely look into that.

As a booklover on a very fixed income, I can tell you one thing....when there is a book I want to read, whether in hard cover or paperback, I will get it. I love this series so however it comes out, I will be at my indie bookstore on the day it comes out to buy it. Keep up the good work. If you write it...we will come!!!

I'm really excited this book is in hardcover, even though I'm not buying physical books anymore (my house became jam packed with books)! That's why I was surprised the price went up for the e-book, but I know, that's beyond your control. I enjoy *everything* you write, Lorna!

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