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February 25, 2013


i have read your victoria square, book town and loved them
I also read jeff resnick and did not like them at all I wish I had not read them they were disturbing to me.
but as i said I love the others.

Ginger, I'm sorry you didn't care for the Jeff Resnick mysteries. I try to let my cozy mystery readers know that they are much darker stories. They're classed as psychological suspense. But I'm glad to hear you like the Victoria Square and Booktown Mysteries.

The Jeff Resnick Mysteries are the best. If a book doesn't leave you in suspense, it isn't worth reading.

Thank you, Terri. They're not for everyone, but I'm so grateful people are FINALLY finding the series and enjoying it.

discovering your books by chance years ago..
I await each new one with anticipation of
a good read.. buying extra copies to share...

Thank you so much, Kathe, for spreading the word and sharing my books with your friends. Word of mouth by happy readers is the best advertising an author could get. (That and reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads, that is!)

I love your books. I've read all the Jeff Resnick mysteries and now beginning the Victoria Square mysteries!

Thanks for entering the contest, Lori. (I was called Lori in Jr and Sr high school!) Glad to hear you're enjoying the books.

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