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November 14, 2013


If coming back from the dead isn't noir, I'd like to know what the heck is.

Love Jack's comment! And, I'd definitely classify your book as crime fiction, but then I don't care what people call books when I just read what I like. And, I like the Haunted Guesthouse series.

Not sure I'd classify it as noir, Jack, but then, I'm not sure I'd classify it as anything but a book I hope people will read!

Odd that I got an e-mail from Amazon marketing the book as "Mystery Thriller Suspense" yesterday. Do they classify based on the known preferences of the reader rather than any actual knowledge of the book? I don't read "Horror > Ghosts."

These books are roughly as scary as Casper the Friendly Ghost, but whatever, Amazon.

Paul and Maxie ARE real--every bit as real as Alison and Melissa. They just happen to be dead. At least that is how all the characters in your series come across to me. That's the main reason I love them so much.

I recommended them to a friend recently. She asked how high was the scare factor in them. I told her they were about as 'ghost scary' as Scooby Doo. She loved the first book, so I'm sure she'll read them all now, as I have.
Thank you for sharing them with us!

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