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November 21, 2013


When I was a kid, our phone number was one off from the police station - which promptly got my parents to get a new number. It's amazing how many mis-dials, esp. in the middle of the night, my poor parents had to endure. I would call your phone co. and ask for a number change, so you can get your much deserved sleep.

That's annoying. Another type of wrong number call that's maddening and we've had this a couple of times: a woman calls here and in an irate tone demands, Who IS this! She's calling me, right? Turns out her teenage son called her when she was out, from our house and she redialed. She thought it was a case of "If a woman answers, hang up."
Another version, a woman calls her boyfriend, misdials and then wants to know who is answering the phone. (Me) Again with the "Who IS this! Why are you answering MY boyfriend's telephone?"

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