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January 09, 2014


Hi daisy and Lily..my mom is such a grouch! She makes me put on a sweater...I am a big girl! I don;t need no stinkin sweater!!! and then she waxes my paws with special wax for the cold and snow...man..and all I want to do is go run! The she makes me come right back in...just when I am having fun...and I have to get dried off...and sit by the wood stove! I will be so glad when she quits waxing my paws!!!! And I can run and play naked again! I am a tom-boy at heart....but she calls me Bella. winter is not so much fun for me .....

Hi Bella - maybe we can form a union or get a class action law suit going, but that would have to be after we have our next few naps. On the other hand, there's a treat coming soon, so ...

Gotta go. We're not supposed to be on the keyboard!

Love. Daisy and Lily.

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