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May 09, 2014


I ate a a British restaurant in Spain--the Spanish restaurants had stopped selling food. We had steak. It was good. Lots of soccer on TV.

I agree with most of what you said although I have to take exception with the roast beef. I was VERY disappointed in the roast beef in the UK because you almost always get "matured" beef (sometimes hung for up to 24 days) which always to me tasted spoiled or rancid. Maybe it was a psychological thing for me. They claim it makes it tender but I rebut that with all beef can be tender if you cook it properly. There was a preponderance of a cut called "silverside" which I think we would call London Broil which they would cook the heck out of. I always had to add beef OXO cubes to my hamburger (mince) to make it taste "beefy" to my American palate. Otherwise you are "spot on" when it comes to the foods you mention. Fish & chips are heavenly and I would have rather had that than a steak dinner anytime! I've never tasted such good fish! In Scotland rather than vinegar we ate it with brown sauce. Two other things you didn't mention were the bread, which now I'm in the States, I miss enormously because all bread here tastes unpleasantly sweet to me now, and chocolate! I always had family and friends begging me to send them British chocolate. I lived in Scotland for 5 1/2 years so learned a lot about food in the UK!

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