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May 13, 2014


Gorgeous cabinets! I recognized the Russian tea glasses, love them.

I sold my dining room set when I sold my house.. It broke my heart to get rid of the china cabinet. I might have a picture someplace and I will have to look for it.. It might be in the background though.

I posted two pictures of my tea cups and cabinet on Facebook. They are taken in my apartment. Have to look at old pictures to find a good one of my beloved china cabinet.

My china cabinets are chock full of teapots! I collect ones that are unique and it is so much fun. I think in order for them to show properly I need two more cabinets but my husband doesn't agree LOL

Diane has said I can share her FB photos next week--so I will!

Antonette. Husbands JUST DON'T GET IT, do they?

I have too many to post, according to my husband. I love have something to look at so not sure how I'd do in a minimalist home. I am most at home in a museum just wandering and sitting.

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