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June 02, 2015


Hi, I just picked up this book and it is the first one of your books that I am going to read. I find it hilarious that in the Acknowledgments you feel the need to explain why you are on the Internet. I say this in a kind way. I am an interior decorator - let's just say I am over 40 yrs. old - and I decorated a new construction dentist's office in town. The dentist is in his 30s and he is the one that encouraged me to get on Facebook and write a blog and get on social media. So if you're wondering, that's why I'm "on the Internet". All the best, I can't wait to read your book - Mary Beth at www.mbzinteriors.com

Oh, and I was perusing Word of Mouth and saw that you always wanted to have a book store but are writing about a book store owner instead. I watched You've Got Mail years ago and called my brother and announced that I was going to open a children's bookstore in a cute tiny storefront in town. My brother asked, "did you not get the point of the movie?". Needless to say, I don't own a bookstore either.

Hi, Mary Beth. Yikes -- this is the 9th book in the series. It will stand alone, but as the characters grow throughout the series, you might want to start earlier. Just a thought.

You'd be surprised how many of my readers are NOT on social media. I try to encourage them to find me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that they can keep in touch. I hope you'll friend me there. Thanks!

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