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April 25, 2016


Gosh that sounds yummy. I have the bacon I'll just have to go get the apricots!

My grandparents had an apricot tree by their back door, I loved eating them straight off the tree! Still love apricots. I believe there is an apricot shortage at the moment, I am not sure of the reason. Weather?
Best place to get fresh apricots will be a farmers' market or local food stand.

I cannot imagine putting bacon on apricots-that just sounds so wrong to me.

Anyone who has not had sweet ripe apricots is missing one of life's delicious fruits. My favorite fruits are apricots and peaches, my favorite juice is apricot nectar, and my favorite jam is Apricot or Apricot Almond. Trying to get enough apricots all ripe at the same time is difficult so I have not made a batch of apricot ice cream in a long time. The jars of apricots sold in the produce section are quite good and work well for recipes as well as for lunches with some cottage cheese and candied walnuts or almonds on top. I guess it is obvious that I love apricots and living in MA and formerly CT, it isn't like we had apricot trees but just that my Mom believed in introducing her children to every fruit she could find. Thank you for the reminder that it is time for me to prepare another apricot dessert very soon. I made peach dumplings yesterday and next time will make them with apricots instead I do believe. Looking forward to your latest book Lorraine.
Cynthia B

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