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June 20, 2016


I think pines grow slowly, try repotting into a bigger pot. I have several trees that are "children" of trees at my home (which I sold two years ago). Some of them were "children" of trees at my parents home of 30 years (sold long ago and both parents now gone). The home I am in now is only an interim in the downsizing plan so I just keep potting them up in tall pots with lots of soil so there is room for the roots to expand. So far it is working for me. It may keep this tree happy until your Ash goes. I hope you are able to keep it. Mine are much comfort to me in a time of great change. Joyce.

It doesn't need to be planted in a yard. Take it to a woodsy duck park and plant it, and let the critters and birds benefit from it. Our office did that one year with our Christmas tree (the only year we got a live tree), and I see it every time we go to feed the ducks at the nearby pond.

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