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August 10, 2016


I'm 81 and just retired a few weeks ago. Almost all of my circle of friends are gone and I've been a widow since I was 47. My best friend is 93 and she is the keeper of all my secrets. She lives the next town over and she was worried about me so drove over to check on me. My youngest son bought the house next doors so I have son, DIL and my 3 only grandsons there. My little boys check in with me many times a day since they lived with me till they moved next door. I'm traveling many places in my beloved books.

Hi, Ruth. You're lucky to have your family next door. It sounds like you've got a great support system! I lived 7 houses from my Mum and Dad and it was very convenient for all of us. I miss being able to walk down the street to talk to her. (I would go at least twice every day.) I knew I'd be lonely without her--and boy am I ever. I haven't been on vacation in three years, so lately I've been doing all my traveling via books, too!

My wife and I live in northeast Oklahoma and my brother lives about 4 hours away in southern Oklahoma. Other than that, all of our family is in California, Oregon, and Florida. We are planning a trip to California later this year and hope to be able to do a Family Reunion sometime in the near future, so we can all get together. I know what you mean about planning your event - trying to plan around everybody's different schedules has been a total nightmare (and we are not done yet). Here's hoping all goes well with your event.

Plan it like a mini-con. That's basically how Mediawestcon got started -- a bunch of fans renting a ballroom at a Holiday Inn. Good luck with the scheduling, because no matter how open the time looks, life happens...

I know what you mean about isolation. My little sis is about the only person I talk to regularly, apart from spousal unit and the menagerie.

Oh, my! Someone needs to come snatch you up and take you away for some girl time! My husband and I just recently moved back to my home state ( we were in his home state of CA living with his mother as her caretaker for six years....she passed away last summer at 95 ), and I am so happy to have my friends back. Quick - run and call yours for an evening coffee date! Can you? Mr. L and your brother are delightful, I am sure, but Mr. L's response to your question about his time out made me laugh. Typical male!

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