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August 09, 2016


That is crochet edging on the hankie and it is lovely!!

I thought so, but I wasn't sure. My great Aunt used to do a lot of that. I still have a number of the pillowcases she embroidered and the crochet (usually in variegated pastel colors) she did on the ends.

What a great day you had! I look for tea cups; angels, Norman Rockwell
figurines and special odd and ends.

I love all the teacups. I love to look for them when I junk, I collect vintage cookbooks and look for those and anything miniature. Little tea sets. I found a really cool imade in Japan , small teapot while vacationing in Golden, Colorado at an antique store for a $1.00. It is 3 inches tall and has a dragon on it. I love junking.

That sounds adorable, Jeannie! My mother collected little tea sets. I'll probably give some of them away on my Facebook group page at one of our virtual tea parties. First--to find them. They're in my guest room under boxes of stuff. One day!

You are very like my twin sister. She finds some beautiful things. She is one of your ardent supporter and followers.

I look for old dog figurines and I have quite a few. I also look for anything Hallmark, especially ornaments.

Thank you, Debbie. I love the thrill of the hunt. Mr. L isn't always happy with what I find, but he's an enabler. He drives me to these sales. :)

I have a few little dogs, too, Marlene. Gotta love all those animal figures. Before we got married, Mr. L bought me two brass dogs from an antiques shop in Vienna. He just signed the receipt and nearly had a stroke when the bill came in. They are adorable, but very tiny.

I love all of the china and dishes you found. And that dancing couple is lovely. You must have had a great time at this sale.

I love the thrill of the hunt. You just never know what you're going to find.

I just look for things that grab my fancy. You have some wonderful finds!

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