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May 15, 2017


My house is almost entirely decorated in "junk." I was decorating in early attic from the start because I loved the feeling that old items have. I got a Victorian sewing bird at an auction in a box full of sewing stuff for $10 and the auctioneer started laughing when I picked it out of the box and asked where the dumpster was located. My one sad loss was a QE2 bakelite vanity set that I lost in a moment of confusion at an auction. It was lovely. I seem to have a collection of relish/pickle dishes that I use every where in the house for organizing...the coffee table, drawers, night stand...I just love the way that they look. Oh, and tea pots follow me home.

LOL -- I know what you mean about stuff just "following you home." My weakness is dishes. Today I ate my lunch off the little red plate up above. I had a big smile on my face, too!

I'm 82 and giving some of my things to family but I can never turn down a plate that has the name where we are eating.

I have buyer's remorse because at the sale I COULD have bought two plates from the long-gong Apple Grove Inn, where my folks used to take me when I was a kid. It burned down, but they reopened it and it failed. They had a terrific buffet and always served corn fritters. Why didn't I buy those two plates???

You always seem to find such cool items I wish I was I close to you so I could tag along.

LOL - I walk in and out of a LOT of yard sales buying nothing. In this case, There was 120,000 feet (in one room--they had an annex for yard stuff) and I walked out with five things. Some people brought carts to haul stuff away.

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