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May 17, 2017


Did you check Wayfair? I have bought some cabinets from them that are reasonably priced and good construction. How about the scratch and dent section of Lowe's or Home Depot?

Hi, Bonnie. Thanks for commenting. Yes, there's a cabinet at Wayfair I've had my eye on, but it's too short. (It's in their Plantation line of furniture.) I want something that's about 72" tall, and the cabinet they have is only 63" tall. I'm wondering if I should settle for it anyway, since I've been searching for about two months now and getting antsy. I went to Home Depot and they have NOTHING on exhibit. Just the "you assemble" boxes with a tiny picture of the finished product on the side. *Sigh*

This is a tough one. If I do have a brain storm I will share, but I hate that you found what you want and it's out of stock. It's just annoying.

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