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July 26, 2017


I love this blog! I can relate. For a few months. I hung onto the last clothes my Dad wore when he went into the hospital. They were his bedtime clothes and the last real clothes he wore before he died. We got them from the hospice where he spent his last days. Finally I decided to part with them because they made me too sad. I did hang onto some of his flannel shirts. He had a colection of them. I was going to make a blanket of them but they still sit in a bag. I think things are too fresh in my mind. It's been less than a year since he left. On the happier side, I have my grandmother's Roarong Twenties wedding dress. She married in 1926. Her dress sat in a very plain shirt box. I was adamant that we save her dress. After all, it had survived 90 years and it deserved to survive longer. When we came across it last year, I swear I felt chills all down my body. This dress still felt like my grandmother. I felt for a moment that I connected with her just by touching it. I can't explain it. All I know was that for a moment, I felt that grandma was with us.

What beautiful memories you have. I used to wear one of my dad's sweaters when I was expecting (almost 30 years ago).

You choked me up with this blog. I am lucky to still have both of my parents (Dad is 91, Mom is 88). I have seen where pillows have been made out of a man's shirt and hope to do that with one of my Dad's shirts. And I will be sure to keep at least one of my Mom's sweaters to cuddle in. You have great memories of your parents and I love that you use their clothes to warm your body and soul.

Beautiful memories are a gift to the heart.......it's the love shared that keeps us linked to them......Cuddle in your sweaters and feel the love !!!!!

FIL passed away back in mid December of 2016. It was hard on my wife and her sister to even walk into his apartment (right down the hall from ours).
I called in the kids to help start cleaning out Grampa's house and they'd take turns going thru his closets and drawers for things to donate (7 bags of suits and clothes) and then things they wanted to keep as remembrances of him and MIL who passed almost 12 years ago. It took forever to get rid of the furniture even salvation army didn't want his bedroom set (it wasn't new enough for them). Every place you looked there was stuff in nooks and crannies. The closets were extremely high so you also had to take a flashlight to check the upper shelves for more goodies. The last items to finally go was MIL's glass and china collection. That huge wall unit we bought for our place was done so we'd have a new glass collection for her Steuben glass and the items they'd bought in Europe 20 and 30 years ago. We finally put the place on the market about a month and a half ago and we hope to have it not only in contract but sold by this years High Holiday season. Maybe then my wife can get a good night's sleep.

What a wonderful post. I am blessed to not only still have both of my parents, but also live with them. I am sentimental about things from those who have passed and love that I still have a piece of them with me.

Such a beautiful and loving post. My husband died fairly
recently, and although I have yet to be able to go through his clothes.
I love to hold them... I still smell his scent and
feel his love.
From this and other posts I'm always touched by what
a loving relationship you had with your parents. I also
had one with mine- we are blessed.

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