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December 22, 2017


Oh I've done the same thing! One year for Thanksgiving I bought two boxes of a sweet potato casserole mix. I mixed everything up & everyone, especially my son-in-law, loved it! I was so happy until I realized that I think I mixed two boxes of mix with the liquid ingredients for only one box. And now I can't duplicate the recipe because I don't think the company even makes the mix anymore! Merry Christmas and I'm with you on the truffles. I love the ones I buy from a wonderful candy shop we have here in our little town.

I tried to make French onion soup in the crock pot. (First and last time using the thing) I followed the directions perfectly.. I let it cook for a while and tasted it.. hhhmmm it was definitely missing something. I added a bit more pepper. (I am a pepper freak, so most things can never have enough) I tasted it again.. nope maybe a bit more.. needless to say after about 2 more hours of cooking.. I opened it up. I couldn't even take a taste.. the smell of pepper was soooo overwhelming. I drove to the store to buy more beef broth, hoping that would help. After I added that, all it did was make more of a mess. I scooped out more than half of it.. still gross! (At that point I should of scrapped the whole thing, but hubby was going to be home and he was extremely excited about having French onion soup.. how could I disappoint him now)
I warned him about what happened... he smiled and said he's sure its wonderful.
We sat at the table with both of us looking at our bowls of soup.. well in actuality it was bowls of pepper with a small amount of onion and broth...
It was disgusting, I couldn't even eat a full spoonful. David just smiled and ate the entire bowl, trying to soak up some bread to dip in it.. I insistedhe didn't have to eat it.. he finished his bowl and said "maybe a little less pepper next time".. There was never a next time.. I will stick with restaurant soup from now on!

Once I tried my hand at making a chocolate cake I followed the recipe exactly well the oil literally oozed out of the cake. Even if I could find the recipe again I wouldn't try making it again lol

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